Zelenko’s Trifecta Proven Effective – Zinc For The Win

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The Q Tree

A big day for Rudy Giuliani!

Forget the Fake News Fear-Porn on Magnesium – Zinc Is the True Winner in the Metal Wars

h/t Paul Schmehl on Twitter

Let’s dispatch magnesium first.

If you’ve been seeing FEAR-PORN on MAGNESIUM – you can safely ignore it. It’s FAKE NEWS that implies drugs to treat COVID-19 are threatened by BAD THINGS happening to an implied “strategic material”.

This is Democrat bullshit, just like their weak attempts to stir up perceptions (and minor fake realities) of a food crisis, using Socialist Virus Theater at unionized meat-packing plants, to build on REAL supply chain problems which are being EASILY fixed by POTUS.

In the new FAKE NEWS, there was an explosion at a magnesium metal plant (turned out to be a flammable solvent fire) in America, and another one at a plant in Mexico (a place which processes magnesium metal SCRAP). All of this…

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