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AP Calls Georgia Governor Race for Republican Brian Kemp After Democrat Delivers Speech Complaining…

via AP Calls Georgia Governor Race for Republican Brian Kemp After Democrat Delivers Speech Complaining…

Globalists Are Seeing Their World Being Turned Upside Down With Absolutely No End In Sight!


The problem for the Globalist is that the Economies around the world are beginning to contract at a much faster rate than they all could have expected. Germany 🇩🇪 had a -0.2% real GDP rate for the 3rd quarter. Germany 🇩🇪 is the European Union 🇪🇺. If Germany 🇩🇪 fails you can kiss the EU goodbye. France 🇫🇷 is also struggling massively. The tweets below show the difference between our country and theirs.

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The Q Tree

I’m probably one of the few people who loves Exodus because it is BOOK TWO – and 2 is the only even prime number.  I should note that this little tautology is a purely PSYCHOLOGICAL uniqueness, since evenness is really just divisibility by an arbitrary prime number – TWO – and we could define “evenness” as clean divisibility by THREE if we wanted – and THREE would then still be the only EVEN prime number.  See how that works?  Two is special for a lot of other reasons, but I love it for a stupid one that makes no REAL sense.  But that’s kind of the way beauty is.  Anybody who has ever found a person attractive for a stupid physical reason like odd eyes or even dentition knows what I’m talking about.

Stormy Daniels,Stephanie Clifford

Women are just a good thing.  Even the bad ones!

OK – where was I?  Ah, yes. …

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W – I knew you’d be on this. We are of “that” generation; we must recapture it for our future.


The Q Tree

Q sent out a final post before I was ready to go to bed, and it struck a nerve.


Or in text:




APART, we are weak. 




There was a time when our children stood at attention, put their hand on their heart, and in one UNITED voice, recited the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE.
There was a time when STRENGTH and HONOR meant something.
There was a time when standing for our FLAG meant something.
There was a time when our history (heritage) was taught with PRIDE and RESPECT.
There was a time when respect was given to those who serve(d), bled, and died to protect and defend our GOD GIVEN FREEDOM.
There was a time when we were GRATEFUL.
There was a time when these UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, ONE…

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Free Talk Will Not Be Q-Free Talk

Just do it …

The Q Tree

I just wanted to let people know that if what Q predicts will happen, actually DOES happen, and the Socialist Media pushes Q off of most platforms, then there IS likely to be one place that will NOT push us off – and the Q folks are already showing up there.

That place is FREE TALK – a new social media platform which is being created by the folks at OANN (One America News Network).

https://freetalk.app is the easy-to-remember URL – FREE TALK DOT APP

(You can get to the same place via the URL https://freetalk24.com as well.)

Here is a Tweet I did about it just now:

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