The Problem with Iran is Obama and Robert Malley.

As Daughn says, “In 2020, vote like your life depends on it.”

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Yesterday, we did a rehash of ME history highlighting major events over the last 30+ years. We’re trying to get an objective view of what happened, what we did, where we screwed up, and what we could have done differently through various administrations. It was time for a reassessment. Not sure if anyone accurately explained the Obama Doctrine of “appeasement” of Iran. Did you get that message? Could any of us passed a test on Obama Doctrine in the Middle East? Well, Robert Malley knew what it was, he wrote it.

Wait until you see what we found today.

The JCPOA ensured a path to nuclear weapons for Iran. Bottom line, we knew some things would never work and Iran should never have a nuclear weapon, which is why Trump ripped up the JCPOA.

But what to do? Once Team Trump decided to identify Iran as an enemy, act like…

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Wyatt’s Amazing Thread

Read. This. NOW.

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You simply have to read this one.

Our own ozzytrumpster turned me on to one of THE BEST Twitter threads I’ve ever read.

EVERY QTreeper needs to read this. It’s by that “Kurt Russell” guy whose account keeps getting nuked by Jack Dorsey.

You can read the THREADREADERAPP version HERE:

OR you can start on Twitter HERE:

I saved an image of that first tweet, just…

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Stopping Communist Democrats at the GRASS ROOTS – Why Your Local Election Matters in 2019

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One of the most shocking things about soon-to-be-former Congressional Rep. Katie Hill is not her bong-smoking naked picture, nor her throuple-couple hair-brushing picture. It’s THIS PICTURE – of this completely incompetent, inexperienced, radical socialist Democrat – whose only real experience was heading a FAILING homeless organization in homeless-failing California – standing at a DoD lectern in the PENTAGON.


I have saved her biographical information for after she is GONE….



  • Full Name:Katie Hill
  • Gender:Female
  • Family:Husband
  • Home City:Agua Dulce,CA


  • BA, English, California State University at Northridge
  • Master’s, Public Administration, California State University at Northridge, 2012-2014

Political Experience

  • Representative, United States House of Representatives, California, District 25, 2019-present
  • Candidate, United States House of Representatives, District 25, 2018

Current Legislative Committees

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Things Have Changed

Mohr popcorn, please!!

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Have you ever seen anything like it? Our media is in full blown meltdown over Barr/Durham. Every now and then it helps to get the perspective from 30K feet. On the day when Dems had a better turnout for a funeral than a rally, it seemed like a good day for an overview.

President Trump keeps winning. Despite all attempts from media, the base is completely committed to President Trump and supporting the MAGA agenda at historic percentages. The Economy keeps going, personal confidence in economy was up almost another 3 points yesterday. From FLEP, we get polling showing Repubs have an 11 point enthusiasm advantage over Dems… TO VOTE + historic approval ratings from black men and the entire hispanic community. The OIG report is looming. Durham and Barr went to Italy, Giuliani is worming around unseen, and Sidney Powell moves in for “the kill shot” on the FBI/DOJ…

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Bill Barr’s Speech on Religion at Notre Dame

Please listen to this speech; as Daughn says, this speech will redound to history. What a great time to be alive …

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Throughout history, there are speeches made by leaders or regular men, which stir our souls, make us laugh or weep, plant a seed, and alter human history. Lincoln’s “The Gettysburg Address”, Winston Churchill’s “The Finest Hour” and “We’ll Fight on the Beaches”, Kennedy’s Inauguration, Lou Gehrig’s “Farewell to Baseball”, we study these speeches as children in school, and we’re inspired by how great men can be when we all move together as a united force.

Sometimes, great speeches come at moments of unimaginable tragedy, when we all share the same grief, and one man, President Reagan, gathers our tears and puts them to words…. as it was with the Challenger Disaster, “slipped the surly bonds of earth to touch the face of God”.

When we start thinking about great speeches, the list grows. Our memories are long, our human frailty is infinite, but our natural desire to become better men…

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20191005: Glenn Beck Expose on Ukraine Corruption.

“Put your animosity in your pocket, forget the Cheetos, and watch. It’s worth it. Here he is once more, and masterful.”

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RealSauce posted the video yesterday. Finally got the chance to watch. Blown away!

Across social media, everyone is talking about the Glenn Beck expose on Ukraine Corruption. I just finished watching it. Two hours in total, real presentation starts at 33 minutes and goes for about 50 minutes. It is MARVELOUS and worth every minute.

Highly recommended. If you’ve been here for a while, in this group, these are things WE KNOW. These are things we’ve uncovered. Actually, we tracked corruption in Ukraine/Russia back further than Beck, back to 2008 McCain and Rick Davis. We’ve already connected the dots. The presentation, however, is flawless.

No matter how you personally feel about Glenn Beck, he was best at the chalkboard, unraveling the spider webs. Put your animosity in your pocket, forget the Cheetos, and watch. It’s worth it. Here he is once more, and masterful.

Bravo Zulu!

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They Will Never Ever Move To A Formally Impeach Our President…..

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I normally would never write such a short post but felt compelled to do so today.

I just finished reading some of the comments in the news roundup. I was really surprised to see how many folks are feeling down. This tweet made me realize that they never ever will hold a vote to move forward to formal impeachment proceedings.

The Republicans would have the same subpoena power that the Democrats currently have in the House. Plus our President has the right to formally defend himself with Republicans like Jim Jordan, Devin Nunes, Doug Collins, Mark Meadows, Louie Gohmert, Matt Gaetz…

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