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“Heaven has a wall, a gate and a strict immigration policy. Hell has open borders. Let that sink in.” (theawakening)

Second quote: “God told Nehemiah to build a wall around Jerusalem to protect it. So please, Pelosi, stop with the, “what would Jesus do”. Maybe you need to read the Bible first.”


China’s Economy Is In TERRIBLE Shape! The European Union, Especially Germany & France Are Dying a Slow Death! Don’t Let Them Lie To You…

FLe doesn’t miss much and he sure didn’t with this analysis!

The Q Tree

China is the NWO’s golden child in every sense of the word. The ultimate plan of the Bushes, Clinton, BHO, Globalists, CoC, Uniparty etc. was to allow China to become the dominant economic country while the USA withered away. It started with NAFTA and was put into overdrive when they allowed them to join the WTO. The plan was working incredibly well until the election of President Donald J. Trump.

Two years after he was sworn in, China is facing a tsunami that they never expected.

From the article linked above:

China’s export and import figures were much worse than expected in December, underscoring the rapid weakening of the Chinese economy.

Monday’s figures suggest the negative impact of the trade war may be greater than Chinese authorities previously estimated, and…

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C3: How DNC Communists ROTATED Governmental Branch Functions as a Form of Institutional Sabotage

Just to be very clear here:




The Q Tree

This is actually beautiful.

An H2O molecule has a two-fold axis, C2 , and NH3 has a three axis, C3 .

daughnworks247 saw the beautiful thought that led to this larger realization, on today’s thread about Lisa Page and David Bowdich, which was inspired by Sundance’s post on the same revelations.

The same post in text, for our low-vision readers….

January 12, 2019 at 12:31 pm

Hey, the whole “Gross Negligence” is “Constitutionally vague” and therefore the DOJ would never pursue, needs a whole lot more explanation.

Page said this was why they were trying to prove Hillary had “intent” or were looking for another serious charge. “Gross Negligence” was not prosecutable. Then, why was the Navy sailor prosecuted and put in jail?
Not a satisfactory explanation.

Snip – “Page says the DOJ refused to pursue “gross-negligence” charges against Hillary Clinton over her use of a private…

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If the Media Isn’t Reporting On It Is It Really Happening? Macron Has Two Choices; Either Resign or Lose His Head….

There are some fab pics in this post.

The Q Tree

I now find myself waking up on Saturday and Sunday going directly to Twitter to see what is happening in France. For the ninth consecutive weekend, the Yellow Vests have not disappointed.

Macron is the future face of the European Union. Angela Merkel has already announced she is leaving the Ptime Minister post at the end of her 4th term in Germany. The Yellow Vests in France understand what Macron means not only to France but for the European Union.

Paul Joseph Watson is absolutely right that the Globalists are going to go all out against the Yellow Vests in the very near…

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Two-Strzok Smoke and Two Pages in the Hall of Mirrors

Just read it …

The Q Tree

Is “Second Strzok” David Bowdich an “Untouchable” or a “New McCabe”?

And is Lisa Page an Intelligence Idiot or the Super-Spy Who Fooled Congress?

I was wondering why I was picking up heat of certain extremely interesting kinds.

Starting and maintaining this troublesome little website was bound to cause annoyance in DC, but I was surprised when that heat took on a characteristically federal nature that suggested the FBI was involved.

The actors (COUGH, COUGH) were not interested in information that might solve America’s problems. They seemed interested in information that might solve THEIR problems. WE being a part of those problems. ME being a particular one of those problems.


If people are starting to understand why I’m taking precautions to preserve this site in my absence, now you’re likely getting ideas why precautions are necessary.

Q said “You have more than you know.” He was NOT…

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Top 10 Reasons I Believe the Clinton 1994 Crime Bill Was a Masterpiece of Communist Revolutionary Subversion

Read and [re]lean from history.

The Q Tree

I have wanted to get this article out, but I was stuck on “number 10”. Sure, I could come up with TEN. EASY. But I needed a good one for NUMBER 10. I mean, I needed a REALLY GOOD ONE.

And our blessed President, Donald J. Trump, VSG, just gave it to me today.

Stick around for it.

Once you see this stuff, you cannot unsee it. This is Q on steroids. You follow this, and it shows that everything Q has been telling us is the straight dope.

That “16-year plan to destroy America”? OMG – it was part of a much larger and longer plan. The exact length is not important. What is important is the 8 years of Bill and Hillary Clinton, leading up to 9/11. THAT is significant. They fit into Q’s 16-year plan like a prequel.


OK – let’s begin.

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When Cher Is Criticizing Nancy Pelosi, You Know You Have Reached Rock Bottom! Our President Is KILLING the Democrat Party

The Q Tree

I wrote the following last night:

It has only gotten worse for the Democrats, RINOs, CoC, Globalists, MSM, Koch Brothers etc. When you have Cher calling out Nancy Pelosi, you know you have reached rock bottom!

Our President has them trapped and is absolutely toying with them right now. He is calling out Crying Chuck and his talking points.

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